Information on Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2

Shaggy May 22, 2007 0

Remember the days when wrestling games were popular in arcades? It’s been quite a while since that era came to an end here in the States, but in Japan the genre still has plenty of room to breath, if the latest information from Kinnikuman Muscle Grad Prix 2 is any indication (they just love really long titles, don’t they?). Am-Net has a bunch of information up on this game including a video of the gameplay, pics, a price (¥220,000), a link to the official website (which about as much info on it as the Super Smash Bros. website had on it a day ago) and a release date of June 21st, 2007. The only disappointment is that this is one of those games that you probably won’t see outside of Japan and if you did it would be pretty rare. Overall it looks pretty good and the combat system has been improved over the first game, so hopefully an English conversion kit may trickle out of Japan eventually.

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