Oriental Legend 2 website update

Shaggy July 16, 2007 0


IGS has updated its website for the upcoming brawler Oriental Legends 2. It now contains character profiles, a new video and even a little flash game where you can fighter against one of the characters from the game (I couldn’t figure out the controls but I admit I only gave it one shot). According to Am-Net, this game is currently location testing in Japan until the 20th and the am-net page curiously lists “Travelling Europe” in the title translation. I have no idea if it’s a mistranslation of the name, is hinting that the game will see testing in Europe or if it is talking about something completely unrelated. It would be nice to see a worldwide release of OL2, the animation is fantastic and it appears to offer some great brawling gameplay. It also uses English for some parts such as “Press Start” and “Join Now” but that may be standard even if it is not official destined for an English speaking country. Keep in mind that even with a translator navigating the site takes some guesswork as it translates nothing. I found that you pull up some interesting items by click on the blue orbs in the lower left hand corner of the site. (Image above courtesy am-net.jp)

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