Rumor: Street Fighter 4 may still be on the way

Shaggy July 30, 2007 1


Thanks to a tip from the Stinger Report, it appears that Capcom may be soon revealing a new Street Fighter arcade title. It is unknown if this would be Street Fighter 4 orsf4arch1.jpg something else but at the recent Anniversary celebration for Street Fighter at a number of Capcom arcade venues, displays have appeared with copy that alludes to a new Street Fighter arcade title. Both us and The Stinger Report are going to be wary about this until anything official is announced as rumors back in 2005 turned up with nothing once Capcom began scaling back on their arcade operations (you might recall another game which seems to have been lost in limbo, War of The Grail). So please remember that is solely a rumor until we actually see a system for it. Photos courtesy of The Stinger Report via Gamewatch.

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