Another arcade acquisition – Tetris

Shaggy September 9, 2007 0


Hot on the heels of the Warlords cocktail I ended up buying a Tetris cabinet today (Saturday on my time) for only $100. I was at work when someone who knows about my interest in arcades told me that they found it listed on Craigslist. So I ran over there today, checked it out and bought it. It’s the original Tetris released by Atari Games in 88 but it is housed in an Arabian (also by Atari) cabinet, which was surprising considering that Arabian’s are fairly rare according to my knowledge. The seller was really into pins – they had a few old pins there including a Back to the Future but I don’t think that they were selling them.

The cabinet is in OK condition, with some damage to the side art (I love the side art from Atari cabs in the 80’s as they generally featured some great comic book style art) and it appears that the speaker isn’t hooked up to the board. The coin mechs are also in somewhat bad condition but those are easy to fix at least. It’s missing one joystick so I can’t play it with two players yet but I’ll fix that without much trouble. Also the monitor needs some work, I will probably need to replace the capacitors to get a better quality image. Either way, for $100 I almost feel like this was a steal and I’m thinking about turning it back into an Arabian cab if I can find the board and then I’ll just put Tetris into a different generic JAMMA cab…

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