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[Via Game WATCH]

Here’s a ton of Sega RaceTV screenshots from GameWatch. This game looks great, I look forward to learning more about it as time goes on. So far we know it has 8 drivers to pick from, 5 courses, commentary, a boost feature, licensed cars, car damage and password input ala SF Rush 2049. In fact if you save your progress with a password, you’ll be able to build custom cars that way and save them, which is pretty neat. It should be interesting to see how the final product turns out. Fortunately this is one game that won’t disappoint in the graphics department and hopefully we’ll be able to try it out soon and comment on how it plays. Am-Net currently lists the game for release in March 2008. Hit the post break for more pictures, including a picture of the game’s cabinet sent to us by Sega.

racetv1.jpg racetv2.jpg racetv3.jpg racetv4.jpgracetv5.jpg racetv7.jpg racetv8.jpg racetv9.jpgracetv10.jpg racetv11.jpg racetv12.jpg

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racetvchar.jpg racetvchar2.jpg racetvchar3.jpg rtvch4.jpg rtvch5.jpg rtvch6.jpg rtvch7.jpg rtvch8.jpg rtvch9.jpg rtvch10.jpg

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