Arcade maker IGS sees another month of record revenues

Shaggy October 5, 2007 0


We’ve mentioned IGS before (known in the States as American Alpha), they are an arcade developer based in Taiwan, releasing games in a number of venues, primarily Taiwan, China, and Italy. Thanks to game shipments to Italy, they have increased revenues hitting up to $8.2 million USD for the second month in a row. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their games (especially Oriental Legend 2) come to the States – at the moment the only one I know of is Percussion Master. IGS also reports that they expect the growth to continue throughout the 4th quarter.

So why bother posting about this – to make a point mostly, that across the world we’re seeing substantial growth in the arcade industry. More growth = more games and more arcades to put them in.

[IGS sees record revenues in September] [Discuss on the forum]

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