Tekken 6 Site Update includes slew of new pics

Shaggy October 6, 2007 0


Namco has updated it’s Japanese Tekken 6 website with quite a bit of information about the game, including a whole lot of screenshots and character profiles, move lists and story about the game. The nice thing about Tekken 6 is that it will look absolutely great, but we already know that the price tag won’t be small for this game. But it looks like pigs can fly judging from one of the screenshots…

tk6_01.jpg tk6_01_161.jpg tk6_01_165.jpg tk6_01_169.jpg tk6_01_172.jpg tk6_01_174.jpg tk6_01_175.jpg tk6_01_176.jpg tk6_01_177.jpg tk6_01_140.jpg tk6_01_144.jpg tk6_01_146.jpg tk6_01_154.jpg tk6_01_156.jpg tk6_01_130.jpg

Visit the link below to see the entire collection.  

[Tekken 6 Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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