Visiting Motorland Sakura In Apex Rebels

arcadehero February 21, 2024 0

The other day I had received some new screenshots from Sega’s newest arcade racer called Apex Rebels. Today is the follow-up, as we explore one track that was not available in the game at IAAPA 2023 – Motorland Sakura. I won’t rehash details on Apex itself, so in case you need the crash course, click here.

Motorland Sakura

Click on any shot to enlarge; Screenshots have been reduced in size from what I received, just to save space. Full resolution shots will be made available to members.

Motorland Sakura is the fourth track available in Apex Rebels. Based in Japan, as the name suggests it heavily draws upon the famous Sakura cherry blossom trees. Per the game’s difficulty ratings, this is an “Expert” level course as opposed to the easier likes of the others, so you probably won’t want to select it on your first play. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment or something along those lines.

Apex Rebels, Sakura Motorland, sent to Arcade Heroes

Being an expert grade course means plenty of twists and turns, but also height changes along those turns.

Apex Rebels by Sega

Along certain turns, you get a great look at Mt. Fuji:

Apex Rebels, Mt. Fuji

After that, a concert venue on the side of the road.

Apex Rebels

As mentioned before, there are plenty of Sakura trees to be found throughout the course, but so are some ancient Japanese shrines, temples, and architecture.

Apex Rebels, Japan

Wide Shots

In addition to the shots above, I was sent a few panoramic views from the game.

Apex Rebels, wideshot, Sega

Apex Rebels, wideshot 2, Sega

Apex Rebels 3rd wideshot

Apex Rebels by Sega. Sakura Motorland

While I could go for more than four tracks in any racer (I wonder if they could adapt any from ATV Slam or Storm Rider 2 for a future content update?), and a different time of day (e.g. night) could add more variation amongst all the others, these are a very solid set of courses to start off with. This and the similarly-ancient Baak Speedway do nicely complement the two modern raceways for beginners.

Have you come across Apex Rebels anywhere yet? If so, what did you think of the game?

(Thanks to 3MindWave and Sega Amusements for sending all of the above media my way)

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