Capcom's Mysterious Countdown

Shaggy October 11, 2007 0


Arcade Renaissance has posted some musings about what Capcom is going to do next for the arcade scene, possibly with Street Fighter 4. Unfortunately the company has been quite absent from the arcade scene for some time now, not fulfilling the promise of bringing us games like War of the Grail but recently came along with Sengoku Basara X, a 2D fighter based on the Devil Kings series. We reported that Street Fighter 4 is rumored to be in the works back in July but have heard nothing since.

Now we know that Capcom has some ‘big announcement’ planned here in a few days and to top it off they have put up a countdown on their news site. In addition to that they placed a post saying “Prepare Yourself” with nothing more than ???? for the text. Could this be a countdown to Street Fighter 4? Or could they just be hinting at something completely non-arcade related? If it’s the latter then Capcom had better prepare themselves for a fan riot, as you can only have rumors of SF4 floating around for so lone before the fan-base looses their patience.
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