Horse Riders Location Test

Shaggy November 25, 2007 0


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I don’t know much about this game but while on the Konami site looking at information about Action Detective I caught that this other coin-op title from Konami called Horse Riders is currently testing for the next few days. We have reported about the next edition of Sega’s popular Horse raising/riding/betting game Derby Owners Club recently so it’s only fair to talk a little bit about Konami’s efforts. From what we know about this game is that it does play differently than Derby Owners Club. In which details the games differ is unclear but what is clear is that there is a market for such games and it appears that at least Sega and Konami are ready to pounce on it. Horse Riders is in location testing in Japan for the next few days so if any of you are in Tokyo or Osaka you still have a chance to check it out.

[Konami’s Horse Riders Page] [Discuss on the forum]

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