Tekken 6 Officially Released In Japan

Twisted Supreme November 28, 2007 1


 At last Namco has announced the start of the availability of Tekken 6. I’m impressed with how quickly this has come a long and also the ammount of videos of the location tests that having been popping up on You Tube. And thanks to the beady eyes of Arcade Renaissance we bring you the final one, so to speak.

So read on for a spoiler-tastic video of Eddy vs. The Final Boss!

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The final boss in Tekken 6 is Azazel, a demon traditionally associated with goats of all things. He is a massive opponent in Tekken 6, easily the largest in the series history. For those who thought that Jin Pachi was evily delicious, you haven’t seen anything yet…

The videos below are a couple shaky cam shots of the final boss in action…


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  1. bubbon@kgionjohn.com April 10, 2022 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    Possibly one of the oldest genres of video games, the fighting genre has had people battle it out together with a plethora of weapons, abilities, characters and styles. From Mortal Kombat to Street Fighter, Soul Calibur to Virtua Fighter – there’s a fighting game out there to suit every taste. This means, of course, that as a series prolongs, its developers look for ways to improve, innovate or extend the gameplay of their game. Namco-Bandai has recently done this with Tekken 6, but does it make it a worthy addition to the Iron Fist?

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