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Afterburner Climax, meet your competition. Then again the games are probably quite different as far as gameplay since AfterBurner is on-rails and this lets you fly around where you choose but this is the first plane fighting game that has hit arcades since Afterburner. We heard about this one months ago so it’s cool to see it in what isba_cabpic_left.jpg perhaps the final form and we can’t wait to try it out. From the press release it appears that the game has tested quite well (similar to NASCAR) but it remains to be seen how different the game is from the console experience. We don’t know how it looks like yet (keep in mind, the graphic in the pic is probably fake, much like it was with America’s Army) but at the very least we can assume that it will carry a decent price tag. The game will be available at ATEI in January so you can be sure that we’ll have some video of that at the time. Thanks to The Stinger Report for the pic and press release (hit the post break to read the release from GlobalVR)

SAN JOSE, Calif. – (December 5, 2007) — On the heels of the introduction of EA SPORTS™ NASCAR® Racing and America’s Army, GLOBAL VR today announced that it will debut another soon to be hit title, Blazing Angels. Derived from UbiSoft’s blockbuster game, GLOBAL VR has taken one of the most exciting WWII flying games ever developed and created an experience that is unparalleled in today’s coin-op market. Gaming pilots will sit in the replicated cockpit of a WWII fighter plane and fly combat missions in some of the greatest air battles of the war. Players can enter the action flying the skies over London during the Battle of Britain, defending Parliament from an attack by the Luftwaffe. Exciting battles will follow over the North African Desert and in the South Pacific as players “dogfight” through the entire war. Pilots can maneuver their planes through dramatic 360 degrees turns as they attempt to out-wit, out-fly and outlast the enemy.

Known for its unique cabinet design, GLOBAL VR surpasses even its own expectations with Blazing Angels. Styled in true WWII fashion, this game’s cabinet will be the center of attention in any location. When asked to comment about the upcoming game title, Jim DeRose, GLOBAL VR’s President and CEO commented, “We have tested Blazing Angels thoroughly with our target audience and are convinced that this is a game that people are going to want to play. During the course of testing, players commented that the excitement of flying and the realism provided by the amazingly beautiful graphics are light-years ahead of any other game they have played. There is no matching the thrill of being in the midst of WWII combat action, and to make this game even more attractive, it is “green label”, making it suitable for every location.”

GLOBAL VR will be introducing Blazing Angels at ATEI to be held January 22nd – 24th at London’s Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, where GLOBAL VR will occupy booth #2442. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact GLOBAL VR at

UPDATE (7/6/08):

Here is a video review of Blazing Angels Arcade

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