Konami's Jubeat cabinet

Shaggy December 26, 2007 0


Some images of the cabinet for Konami’s new bemani title Jubeat are out and it shows that the game is quite unique – in fact it uses a cube display but it is unclear as to how that will interact with the player (or if they are going to be trying out a holographic type display which has been attempted with some success in the past). It might use a projected image onto the glass but either way the more I learn about Jubeat, the more intrigued I am. The image above was taken from the banner found on the official Konami Jubeat website. Also according to the leaflet that was passed out to locations testing the game, it will feature online play.

Hit the post break to see images of the leaflet that were scanned in by AM-Net or discuss it on our forum.

Jubeat Leaflet Images (click on the thumbnails to enlarge)





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