Konami's ATEI 2008 line-up

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Konami has issued a press release regarding it’s presence at ATEI this year and while the line-up isn’t large in terms of how many games they will be showing off, they are still aiming to impress.

One of their highlights is Silent Hill: The Arcade game that despite taking a verbal beating from fans (most of whom have never played it) stated “the game has predominantly been the highest income shooting game in test locations around Europe” thus showing that the game is doing well beyond what some thought it would do.

Also at the show they will be demonstrating Guitar Freaks V4 Rock x Rock and Drum Mania V4 Rock x Rock, two of Konami’s latest Bemani titles which take advantage of Konami’s online e-AMUSEMENT system and may also be connecting to each other so playerscan either jam out together as a band or play head-to-head.

Also Konami plans on demonstrating one of it’s new redemption titles ‘Eledees’, based on the popular family brand. Players attempt to capture colorful characters for a higher score and more tickets.

Konami will be at stand 2240 – be sure to check Arcade Heroes around ATEI time for a look at what they’ll have! Hit the post break to read the full press release! [Discuss on the Forum]

A must see product on the Konami Stand 2240 is the super-spine-chilling “Silent Hill- The Arcade” Based in a deluxe, 50” projection cabinet with 5.1 surround sound and an atmosphere enhancing curtain the game has predominantly been the highest income shooting game in test locations around Europe. With the first production run almost sold-out, more have now been scheduled as one of Konami’s biggest franchises goes from strength to strength. Come and see this great title at the ATEI Stand 2240 to witness the terror for yourself.

Guitar Freaks V4 Rock x Rock” and “Drum Mania V4 Rock x Rock” are the latest titles from the BEMANI music game series that brought the Dancing Stage phenomenon to the amusement sector. These games allow players to compete head to head with each other and “jam” in session as part of a band. Boasting over 450 music tracks on each machine there is something for every musical taste.

The Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania machines will be demonstrating the Konami online network system, e-AMUSEMENT. This has the potential to change the shape of the industry by offering players added value, increasing player loyalty and therefore increasing machine income on selected Konami titles. More information on this is available on our stand.

Konami are also bringing you a great new skill ticket redemption game that is guaranteed to light up any site. The great family brand ‘Eledees’ makes its Arcade debut as players try to catch as many of the colourful characters as possible in order to earn more points, more tickets and light up the cabinet. The illuminating feature is sure to attract players and with the ‘Eledees’ brand already a popular consumer software series this great product is sure to be a fantastic family fun-raiser.

Along with all of the above there is also an exciting range of products for distribution by Avranches Automatic on the booth.

With a diverse selection of exciting products, from the thrilling to the chilling, Konami’s new line-up is sure to take centre stage at the ATEI on stand 2240.

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