IGS to release Oriental Legend 2 on February 8th

Shaggy January 19, 2008 0

It’s been a while since we mentioned anything about the IGS 2D beat ’em up Oriental Legend 2, but we now learn from The Stinger Report that the kit for the game is set for a release on February 8th. There is no word on an international release at this time – if there will be, we can expect to see it come through American Alpha sometime later. In addition to this news, we also have the flyer for Oriental Legend 2, click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size versions!

ss201.jpg ss202.jpg

I do hope that OL2 comes overseas – it’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen a 4 player 2D scrolling fighter in arcades and this game looks really cool from the videos. The website is also up-to-date but it’s all in Chinese so just click around until you figure it out.

[Oriental Legend 2 website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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