Namco Brent ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 28, 2008 1


(More pictures after the break)Next up in the ATEi 2008 round up is the Namco Brent stand, and of course as all of you will know they had two sequels to two of the most popular games.

Now don’t get me wrong but I was a little pissed off as there was only one Tekken 6 cabinet at the show. Now I know I should be grateful, but it was nigh on impossible to get on it, and when I did I got my ass handed to me on a plate. Granted the later was more to do with me sucking at Namco’s latest beat ‘em up, but surely they could of mustered up more than one cabinet. Or is this just a sign of how unimportant beat ’em ups are to Europe. Saying that, the ATEi is supposed to be an international show. Who knows what the reason is, so back to the game itself (sorry rant over).

The game itself looks fantastic, the cabinet looks sweet as too. Note that the cabinet present had a two player set up, as apposed to the ones we’ve seen in Japanese location tests. These were single player cabs but network linked for Vs matches. Game play wise, from what I got to play that is, it had nice solid combat and what looked like some neat combos (note again –  I received these fore mentioned combos!). Also, as most of you will have seen from videos, the game has a monster character selection which gives the game a great amount of depth if you wish to learn more than one fighter, not that this is the case as most people have their favourites. Please take in to consideration also I’m not a huge Tekken fan, so please excuse my obvious lack of knowledge of the game. I’m more of a Street Fighter man, and anyone that wants to send me to AOU to check out number 4 in the series feel free to email me!

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(More pictures after the break)

The other big game on the Namco Brent stand was Raw Thrills Big Buck Safari. I love BBH to bits, as some of you may already know. However I found it hard to get too excited about this latest version. From what I can tell it’s essentially a safari skinned BBH Pro. Maybe I expected too much and should look at this as an add on to the popular hunting series as apposed to a true sequel. Also please bear in mind that I had a limited amount of time to play it, so maybe there’s stuff in there that I missed. At the end of the day it’s still a great game, and you know it will be a massive seller…… and you know I’m going to sink all my pound coins in to it when I see it in the WILD (sorry couldn’t help it).

Other videogames to note on their ATEi stand were Maximum Tune 3 as well as Tokyo Drift which also now comes in a deluxe flavour. With regards to prize and redemption games they had a couple of neat gems tucked away. Firstly there was an American football game, in the vein of the a classic style arcade basketball game, where you have to throw the American footballs at targets. If these have been around for a while let me know, but I’ve never seen one. There were also three cranes style machines on the stand as well. Namco’s Clena-Flex, similar to Sega’s UFO, Barber Cut which involves you lining up scissors to cut strings that have prizes hanging on them and lastly a cool candy scooping game, but maybe I just liked that one because of the free candy! Mmmmm Candy.



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