Fighter poll results: King of Fighters XII or Street Fighter IV?

Shaggy February 23, 2008 0

A few days ago I posted a poll via Survey Monkey asking a few questions about your thoughts on all of the new fighters coming out of Japan and I have to admit that I am a little bit surprised at the results so far. Unfortunately due to the way Survey Monkey works you can’t see the current results (if anyone knows of a better polling system that can be integrated into a WordPress blog LMK because apparently there aren’t any), so here they are as of the writing of this post. Keep in mind that the poll never closes so if there are any major changes then I’ll be happy to let everyone know the results in our forum. Overall, most of you are more excited for the new King of Fighters XII than any other fighter. Of course now the question is, will SNK be releasing it outside of Japan (in arcades) or will fans have to import it (or wait for a console version)?

Click on the thumbnails below to see the results!

fighterpoll1.png fpoll2.jpg

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