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Twisted Supreme February 23, 2008 0

We received an email the other day from a fan of ours who comes all the way from Japan. He sent us a few links to some strange looking arcade games as well as offering his assistants when it comes to translation. So thanks Oga and we will look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Hit the jump for the links he sent us, warning these games are old Japanese porn arcade games. I was unaware that these even existed although I do vaguely remember a Pool game in my local Kebab shop that if you won you got to see a picture of a cartoon naked girl :-0

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!!Sexual Content Warning!!

1.Lover Boy(1983)


Game developer: G.T ENTERPRISE INC
Game Style : Pac-man

You’ll controll a pervert. run away from cops and dogs,
and rape four girls. (TS – And they think “hot coffee” was bad!)

2. Utamaro(1983)


Game developer : ENT.ENT(some people say it was made by Yachiyo)
Game style : Action

Stage 1: You drive a car for going to gangbang party.
ran away from cops!
Stage 2: You have to take a key and enter the room.
but some sexually transmitted disease attack you.
Stage 3: You can enjoy your sex life. please enter up & down
by Joystick!

The blog shows you other Japanese porn arcade, but almost of
it is Video Mahjong Games.

Video Mahjong Game was popular in Japan. Prizes for winners were
porn pictures.

But recently, it was destroyed by JAMMA.

You may know, Nichibutsu(Mooncresta and crazy crimber deveoper)
was kicked out by JAMMA for making porn Mahjong Games….

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