The Matrix Arcade cabinet

Shaggy March 5, 2008 0


I could swear that I posted this a few months back when I first saw it but to my surprise it looks like I forgot to do it. Fortunately an e-mail I received from Fun Company LTD. reminded me about their system today so here it is. The Matrix Arcade is a MAMEmatrixsa.jpg cabinet that also doubles as a home entertainment center with it’s built-in jukebox software, TV Tuner and remote control support as well as a nice 32″ LCD screen. The cabinet includes 39 licensed arcade ROMs that run via MAME and a full 2 player arcade panel with all the buttons as well as joysticks you’d need (along with a trackball). You can even hook-up your game console to the cabinet. It’s fully loaded and it looks really cool on top of that. These guys even have designed new lighter weight arcade cabinets for IT games like Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling. Since they have the great cabinet designs and manufacturing now, they just need to design a brand new game for us to salivate over. 😉

[Fun Company’s Matrix Arcade] [Discuss on the Forum]

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