Betson Open House proves successful in bringing attention to new games

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US Distributor Betson recently held an open house at their headquarters in Carlstadt, NJ and from their press release, it looks like it was a success. I think it’s a good idea for distributors to hold events like this from time to time – I know that some distributors allow the public to come into their showrooms at any time in the week, marketing an open house event like this is a great way to drum up some local attention for arcades and arcade games and let’s people come in and see that there are a number of great games coming out. At this particular Betson event they showcased similar titles to what was seen at ASI, including Big Buck Safari, Big Buck Hunter Pro Online, NASCAR Racing, Sea Wolf, Hollywood Reels and more. Hit the post break for the full press release or discuss it on the forums.

Betson Enterprises Annual Open House a Tremendous Success

CARLSTADT, NJ, April 18, 2008 – Betson Enterprises, a complete source for new and used coin-op amusement and vending equipment, recently held its annual “spotlight” open house on April 9th at their corporate headquarters in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

The open house was a free event attended by more than 100 guests who were offered the opportunity to tour the corporate showroom to view the newest vending equipment and play the latest amusement games available while enjoying a full buffet lunch. Salesman as well as company executives were available throughout the day to meet and greet the guests while answering questions on the new products being offered and competitive financing plans available.

“The open house was a huge success, and a great day to establish new customers while visiting with current clients and friends” said Bob Boals VP of Betson Enterprises. Guests were excited to learn about the latest games and upgrades that were available such as Big Buck Safari Deluxe, Big Buck Hunter Pro Online, and Hollywood Reels.   We are looking forward to and already planning next year’s event.  For more information on Betson products and financing visit our web site at, email us at or just call us at 1-800-524-2343

About Betson Enterprises

Headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Betson Enterprises is the leading coin operated distributor of amusement and vending equipment, coin operated parts, and service in the United States. With over 70 years of experience and leadership in the coin-operated industry, we will help you make informed decisions that are best for your business.

Betson offers entertainment and vending solutions for your business through our relationships with the operator community. For locations looking for a simple and profitable solution or vendors looking for equipment that fits any situation, Betson Enterprises can help you. Betson Enterprises has an industry proven reputation for quality and customer focus. For more information on Betson Enterprises, visit or call 1-800-524-2343

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