Eighth Annual H. Betti Industries Golf Outing Charity Event

Shaggy April 26, 2008 0

Betson has announced the eighth annual H. Betti Industries Golf Outing, a charitable event whose proceeds typically go to the Tomorrow’s Children Fund but this year will be going to help out one of their own who is on disability leave and may not be able to return to work. Last year’s event also went to benefit another Betson employee who was disabled. The event will occur on the 4th of June at the Beaver Brook County Club in Annandale, NJ with registration at 11:30AM, a shotgun start @ 12:30PM with cocktails @ 5:30PM followed by dinner.

Personally I stink at golf but I think it’s great to see events like this. Maybe I have just been paying more attention but it seems like there are many more charity events happening this year and it also appears that they are doing well.

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