Checking out a warehouse with games tomorrow

Shaggy April 30, 2008 0

Tomorrow I have a golden opportunity to go and check out a warehouse with some games. The person with the games was going to throw the games out but fortunately¬† my distributor was on top of it and convinced him otherwise. I’m not sure how many games there are but from the sounds of it there are some good cabs there to be had, including a possible Crusin’ USA. I have found out that Crusin’ cabs are suddenly a hot commodity, all thanks to the Tokyo Drift kit with many operators looking at making a conversion. I have to admit that it’s certainly tempting – it gives me a relatively new game for a cheap price. I still am thinking of a NASCAR setup and I would go for a Chase HQ 2 if I had the extra funds.

In addition to this I’m coming across some other opportunities for games beyond what I mentioned above which is something that seems to be coming together at the right time where I am so close to opening my arcade. Which BTW I should have an update on later this week with a possible location secured (other than the one I had thought I was getting into with Sears – that pretty much fell through but I think this other place will be better). I’ll have to mention these other opportunities as they approach closer although one in particular has me excited with the possibility of picking up one of my favorites – a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Stay tuned for updates – it’s tomorrow according to my time, the site says it’s the 30th already as the time is set in the UK.

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