A 2nd look at GTI Expo 2008 (w/ a few new games to look at)

Shaggy May 21, 2008 1

A few posts below we ran a post on the little-known GTI Expo 2008 that took place a short time ago in Taiwan. It looks like it was a fun show but in addition to what we saw in the previous post, it looks like there were some extra goodies at the show including two new deluxe cabinets by GlobalVR for Aliens and Paradise Lost that I have never seen before. (as always, for the full sized image just click on it)

For the new deluxe Aliens cabinet it almost looks like they just added a new shell to their current deluxe model but I have not seen this configuration for Paradise Lost before (not that it would help that game out much). It could be that these models are only for Asia but we’ll keep an eye out for any of these making it elsewhere.

There are a couple of more Power Boat shots here too, including the ones we have already seen but also a slightly different blue cabinet that has some fencing around it. I’m not sure what the difference between the white and blue cabinets is but I noticed that the blue ones have fencing around them and the white ones don’t, so maybe they have different motion abilities? In taking a closer look at it, the white ones may only have the seat move where the blue ones have the seat and monitor move with it. Time will tell I guess, I wonder which one eases the motion sickness feeling.

There are a couple of drumming games here, one may be a new Percussion Master but my Chinese sucks (OK, it’s non-existent) so I’m not sure about that. One of the two has you pounding those larger drums that they always play in movies when the scene is supposed to be getting your heart racing. That would be a blast to play next to someone who is playing really hard on a different game nearby but I digress.

And to top it of with the “I’m not sure what the frak it is” category, these two games. One is obviously based on those old wooden marble balancing maze you may or may not have played as a kid (I did a couple of times so am I aging myself here?) but I have no clue what it’s called – it has a huge bowling ball sized trackball though and I’d be happy to see it come overseas. And the other one is something called ESP Agent, which looks like it might be a light-gun-esque game but I have no clue (or no frakkin’ idea – sorry I just watched a few BSG episodes the other day) what those things hanging off to the side of the cabinet are. The cords are flimsy like Wiimore Nunchuck cords but those black objects almost look like purses. Is it a game where you use ESP to discover what’s in someone’s purse? Why is it that the JErry character in the background can do an absurdly flexible high kick? I’ve seen stranger games before but I’ll stop making up stuff that it may be until I found out more. There also is a game pictured on the page called Jungle Adventure that has the same setup as one of those games where you throw balls at the screen and for some reason they have flower displays that belong at a wedding reception. It’s either a new direction in marketing coin-op games to wedding receptions or someone forgot to order the right display and they went with it anyways.

<- Make sure you cover up the game with the wedding flowers!

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