Lord of Vermilion Release Ceremony at a Taito Game Station in Japan

Shaggy June 17, 2008 0

We have known about Square Enix’s latest entry into the arcade market, The Lord of Vermilion for some time now and finally the game has been released in Japan. For those out of the loop on this game, it is an RPG game that uses trading cards as catalysts for what happens in the game thanks to a special board where the cards are laid down. It is like Sega’s Sanguozhi War but if you aren’t familiar with that think of Magic: The Gathering but where the cards actually show their effects in the game when you put them down. It also features online and networked play for a broader experience. The CEO of Square Enix, Hirokazu Wada was at the event to discuss the new game, along with game’s producer Takamasa Shibasaki and director Toshiyuki Uehara. They talked about their experience with consoles helping them shape this game into what it is along with the current difficulties in the arcade market there. We have no idea if Square Enix plans on releasing The Lord of Vermilion elsewhere but it would be cool to see them try it out at the very least.

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