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Shaggy July 4, 2008 3

As expected a little more information on Sega’s latest entry into the House of the Dead series is out although you’ll have to bear with me as we have to rely upon a very crude translation via the internet translator. In what the translator calls a “Zombie husband” and a “Zombie Child” (who are apparently in love – hot sultry summer love – so the husband-child thing is likely incorrect as I doubt Sega wants to go there), it is your goal to help them escape the “institute of the story” – so you are escaping The House of the Dead to fulfill your desire for zombie love (they have so much in common too, eating brains and all). It definently looks like it’s a compliation of mini-games that tell the story of your escape although I get the feeling that they are putting these in an order to tell a story like levels as opposed to a “choose your challenge in a shooting gallery” setting that is typical of mini-game compilations. That still isn’t 100% clear but some scenes rely on the gun, others on the pedal and others on both. With as many assets that they are reusing for this game (3D models and textures, the cabinet) this shouldn’t be outrageously expensive but we’ve been disappointed before in that regard. And as you can see, Sega’s booth babes were on hand to kindly show how the game is supposed to be played.

We also have slightly larger pictures of what is going on so you can see at one point you get involved in a zombie sumo wrestling match, Zombie bowling, Zombie Rock Band, Zombie Fruit Picking and Zombie Flying Away from the Mansion. There’s one more scene pictured but it’s anyones guess at to what is going on but I’m sure that it starts out with the word zombie. Hit the post break below for the pics!

There also is an official website up now but as usual it’s just a teaser site and is nothing special unless you want to see extra artwork that indicates what might be going on (which also reenforces the notion for me that even if it’s a bunch of mini-games it looks more like levels with different objectives rather than a shooting gallery).

[Official House of The Dead EX website (Japan)] [Images and additional info via Famitsu] [Discuss on the Forum]


  1. twistedsupreme July 4, 2008 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Zombie pinball maybe?

  2. Shaggy July 4, 2008 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    Hmm, it could be. Pinball with a pedal is something that has crossed my mind before, although I admit that zombie pinball hasn’t 😛

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