Hollywood Bowl Makes Striking Impression!

Twisted Supreme August 4, 2008 0

The main reason I picked up on this article by Clarion Gaming’s Laura Mountford is the quote; “It was clear that the arcade is central to the overall entertainment offering.”  Now that’s definitely something I like to hear, and it got me thinking. Imagine a Hollywood Bowl, or any bowling alley for that matter, with no arcade. It wouldn’t be the same would it? It would be a life-less, dull night out, don’t you think? Thank god for arcade games!

[via Coin-op Today]

Clarion Gaming’s Laura Mountford gained an invaluable insight to one of the most respected operators in the leisure business when she was the guest of the Hollywood Bowl in Finchley, north London.

During the visit, the company’s electronic leisure machine manager, Eve Oliver, provided an overview of the Hollywood Bowl brand, its business philosophy, marketing strategy and commitment to providing the British public with a fantastic value for money entertainment experience.

Expanding on her visit Laura said: “I am tremendously grateful to Eve and her team for taking the time to provide such a comprehensive ‘behind the scenes’ perspective on the business and how the various components of bowling, catering and games work together.

It was clear that the arcade is central to the overall entertainment offering.” She added: “My main points of contact in the industry are exhibiting companies, so to be able to gain an insight into the challenges faced by leisure operators and how they respond to those challenges has been really beneficial.”

Operated by Mitchell & Butlers, the Hollywood Bowl brand was founded over 15 years ago and comprises 24 tenpin bowling centres located throughout Britain.

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