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Shaggy September 5, 2008 3

I have to hand it to Incredible Technologies, while I’ve heard that not everyone is excited about AMOA next week, they certainly are and they are looking to give attendees a reason to be excited. From a press release they issued the other day comes news that to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Golden Tee they are bringing together 50 GT machines to create the largest field ever for a live video game tournament where thousands of dollars are going to be given away as prizes. It’s going to run on Friday and Saturday of next week and on top of that they are going to be showing off the latest version of GT to the public along with massing media to the event, including ESPN to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Now this is what I call marketing your game properly 😉

In regards to AMOA, I will be headed down to Vegas to pick up a game and I will be stopping by the show of course. I haven’t bought my plane tickets yet but it’s looking like I’ll be there Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday, so I’ll catch the first 2 days of the show but miss out on this big event. I have responsbilities at home that I need to take care of so those come before any show but at the very least I’ll get some coverage of AMOA and with a proper camera this time around.

Hit the post break for IT’s press release on the GT AMOA event or discuss it on the forum.

Largest Field Ever for Live Video Game Tournament Expected Next Week for Golden Tee World Championship

AMOA Operators Urged to Attend Event at Las Vegas Hilton to See Spectacle First-Hand

(September 3, 2008 – Arlington Heights, IL) 50 machines. 500 players. A $100,000 purse. A $20,000 top prize. And the United States versus the World.

There’s just no better way to describe the 2008 Golden Tee World Championship!

Operators attending the AMOA Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center are invited next door to the Las Vegas Hilton on Friday and Saturday, September 12-13 to see all the action.

“We know that many operators will still be attending the Expo on Friday and staying over the weekend,” said Don Pesceone, SVP of sales at Incredible Technologies. “When we say we’re keeping Golden Tee meaningful and relevant to players around the world, we mean it – and these numbers back it up big time. Come on out and see for yourself!”

Along with the tournament, IT is unveiling to the public the much-awaited 20th anniversary edition of Golden Tee Golf in its slim, sleek and sexy new pedestal cabinet.

“ESPN will be there all weekend covering the event, and other media outlets have told us that they want to see our revolutionary new cabinet. If you turn on your TV, pick up a newspaper or surf the Internet, you’re going to see Golden Tee. It’s going to be everywhere next weekend!” he said.

The 20th anniversary of Golden Tee is big news, and when you combine this milestone with the biggest tournament ever and the release of the much-awaited 2009 update – you get a trifecta that’s impossible to beat.

“It’s the perfect storm of interest and excitement that our operators can take to the bank,” Pesceone said. “Order your updates now, order your new pedestals now, and be a part of the Golden Tee renaissance!”



  1. Chris A September 5, 2008 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Happen to know if there’s going to be anything set up for the public to wander the show and play some games this year? The last show was decent, although a bit dry thanks to the overwhelming showing of redemption titles.

  2. Shaggy September 5, 2008 at 11:36 pm - Reply

    I know that the GT tourney will be open to the public but I am not sure if the show will be, I’ll try to find out.

  3. driph September 6, 2008 at 9:36 am - Reply

    Thanks! And throw me an email if you want to grab a beer while you’re here in Vegas… in fact, we’re picking up a bunch of cabinets later this month, email me about that, might be some you can make use of.

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