New FEC called Kids Castle opens in Burbank, CA + some other arcade/economic news

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While it’s generally been accepted that there is a ‘worldwide economic slowdown’ (although personally I never am quick to believe that it’s always as bad as the news says it is since they have a vested interest in fearmongering for ratings) that isn’t slowing down the news we’re getting of new arcade locations opening up all over the place. This new location comes out of Burbank California where a new FEC called Kids Castle is opening up this Sunday. It looks like quite the amusement facility, with a theme throughout of castles, dragon’s, princesses, etc.; 15,000 sq. ft. of space, indoor amusement rides, a two-story soft playground, a restaurant and an arcade/redemption center. One thing I can relate to with the owner is his attitude about his business. From the Burbank Leader, here is what the owner had to say about the economy and his new business.

“I can care less about the economy,” Daglian said. “This is my dream.”

He could fail, but as long as the amusement center exists, he will be content, Daglian said.

Well he could fail even in a good economy – that’s the nature and risk of business (well, unless you have a lot of money and prestige to throw around in Washington D.C. these days then you can convince anyone that you’re too big to fail but I digress). As long as he has created a good business and he has a good plan to market his idea then he will likely be just fine. But forgetting all that, he is living his dream and that is something to be applauded. The Kids Castle is fourteen months in the making and we wish them good luck in their venture.

[Via Burbank Leader]

Also, Dave & Busters has announced their third quarter results and revenues are down 3.2% for them. However, according to the reporting article, the total revenues over a 39-week period showed an increase of 1.9%, which isn’t much but an increase is an increase. In that 39-week period it showed a slight decrease of the Food and Beverage category while Amusements and Other increased 4.7%.

[D&B News via Market Watch][Discuss on the Forum]

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