Golden Tee goes to the lotto

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We all know that one of the best ways for a company to survive in a downturn is to keep your name and product visible to the public with effective marketing and there are many ways to go about doing that. Incredible Technologies has come up with an interesting idea for promoting their Golden Tee series – by having a state issue a Golden Tee themed lottery ticket. Apparently the state of Illinois has done this before and now South Carolina is follwing their lead by issuing a $2 scratch-off ticket where one person could win up to $20,000. Where SC is a major state for golfing this seems to be a wise choice for target marketing – I wonder if we will see any other arcade games show up in similar marketing campaigns in the future.

On top of this, I nearly missed a story where IT is beginning a new phase in their Silver Strike Bowling online efforts with the Bowlapalooza series of tournaments this summer. The Bowlapalooza tournaments will begin in May and IT will be awarding thousands of dollars in prizes throughout the entire summer to the top 200 SSB players and this certainly will make SSB online games a hot item in many locations over the next few months. More details are contained in the press release after the break.

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New Series of Silver Strike Bowling Tournaments Starts May 1st

Bowlapalooza to Keep Silver Strike Machines Humming All Summer Long

(April 8, 2009 – Arlington Heights, IL) This summer Incredible Technologies is conducting a series of four online Silver Strike Bowling tournaments – dubbed Bowlapalooza – that’s designed to keep interest high in the popular game all summer long.

There are four distinct monthly tournaments and Bowlapalooza’s rock concert theme will resonate with players as they start with the Opening Act in May, are thrilled by the Headliner in June, enjoy an Extended Jam in July and then return for an Encore in August.

Each tournament runs 25 days – from the first of the month to the 25th – and has a prize purse of $10,500. Every month the top 200 players will cash with the winner pocketing a cool $1,000.

“Our format is designed to encourage repetitive play,” said Scott Morrison marketing VP and Bowlapalooza tournament director. “Players must play a minimum of 25 games during the tournament to qualify – and since they are ranked by their best 25-game average – they can play as many games as they like to improve their average. A bad game can’t hurt them. We even added a cool incentive by creating a series of four limited-edition Bowlapalooza player cards. Anyone who plays 100 games or more during each tournament gets a card. We know many of our players will want to collect all four.”

The weekly and monthly Silver Strike Bowling sweepstakes drawings will be suspended during Bowlapalooza.

“As attractive as our national sweepstakes is to our loyal players, we’re substituting the Bowlapalooza tournaments for the sweepstakes during the summer,” Morrison said. “We want to shake things up with a high profile event that sparks competition and will generate real excitement all summer long. And best of all there’s no additional cost to players or operators.”

Event promotion will include downloadable posters for operators, a full-color attract mode ad screen, a feature in the weekly LIVE WIRE newsletter to players, a tournament announcement before every game played and a special Bowlapalooza website.


Bowlapalooza Page Two…

“Operators are urged to download and print the posters from their Operator Services account,” Morrison said. “They should also consider piggy-backing on our contest with their own by offering local prizes for the best bowlers in their locations. All the leaderboards will be on the tournament website so there’s virtually nothing that operators need to do other than to make sure the game is registered properly and spread the word.”

Bowlapalooza will be conducted on 2009 Silver Strike Bowling games only and all players need to identify themselves before each game. Operators who wish to provide their players with Silver Strike Bowling player cards can call Cheryl Osorio at 800.262.0323 x 195. Each card is only 50 cents and will provide players who have not been participating online instant access to the tournament.

Operators who want to purchase 2009 SSB upgrades should call the IT Sales Hotline at 800.262.0323 x 106 now in order to be ready for the first tournament on May 1. Cost is only $895 or less.

About Silver Strike Bowling

2009 Silver Strike Bowler’s Club is the latest coin-operated video bowling game from Incredible Technologies. Previous bowling games produced by IT over the past 20 years are among some of the most popular video games in history. SSBC is the first online video bowling game and over 10,000 machines are online and on location in bars and pubs across the country. Each month hundreds of thousands of players enjoy a game of SSBC and track their averages and statistics at


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