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Incredible Technologies To Relaunch Three Of Their Classics With ‘Arcade Collection’

Incredible Technologies To Relaunch Three Of Their Classics With ‘Arcade Collection’

arcadehero August 9, 2021 1

The dog days of summer and arcade news don’t seem to go together too well, although the desire to come across anything arcade-news related today had me on a hunt across a bunch of

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Incredible Technologies: Thousands of players competing this summer for $10,000 in Bowlapalooza

Shaggy June 10, 2009 0

Incredible Technologies has announced the beginning of their Bowlapalooza summer tournament on Silver Strike Bowling 2009 and if one thing is certain, it’s that there are plenty of people out there who will compete

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Golden Tee goes to the lotto

Shaggy April 15, 2009 0

We all know that one of the best ways for a company to survive in a downturn is to keep your name and product visible to the public with effective marketing and there are

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Incredible Technologies announces SSB Sweepstakes, will give away bigger prizes

Shaggy December 19, 2008 0

In these troubled times that we hear and see so much about lately, there are some good reasons to head over to your local arcade place which has online enabled games because competition in

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Three Silver Strike Bowling players win big prizes in time for Thanksgiving

Shaggy December 3, 2008 0

This was meant to have been posted on Thanksgiving (last Thursday for the US) but I overlooked the mail then but figured that even though I’m almost a week late, it’s still worth posting.

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Silver Strike Bowling Jeep Sweepstakes video

Shaggy July 29, 2008 0

A while back I remember that we posted about a contest involving the arcade title Silver strike Bowling 2009 where they were giving away a jeep as the grand prize but I missed out

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Silver Strike Bowling 2009 National Championship begins

Shaggy April 16, 2008 1

In what is considered to be the largest video bowling tournament ever, qualifying for the Silver Strike Bowling National Championship has begun today, with $100,000 in total prizes on the line. With the potential

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Incredible Technologies gearing up for their largest coin-op sweepstakes ever

Shaggy April 9, 2008 0

One aspect about coin-op game creator Incredible Technologies that I have always liked are the sweepstakes that they run with their various games, from Golden Tee to Silver Strike Bowling and even to Bags.

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Silver Strike Bowling Sweepstakes video

Shaggy February 16, 2008 0

I really have to hand it to Incredible Technologies – since not every arcade or bar can be relied on to hold arcade game competitions, they’ve taken it upon themselves to run some great

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