Incredible Technologies: Thousands of players competing this summer for $10,000 in Bowlapalooza

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Incredible Technologies has announced the beginning of their Bowlapalooza summer tournament on Silver Strike Bowling 2009 and if one thing is certain, it’s that there are plenty of people out there who will compete for cash and if they know about arcade games that do it, they will play. And play they did, IT has a total of 4,482 players who have qualified for the competition which runs throughout the summer and culminates in an “Encore” showdown in August and each month qualified players can win cash. The May opener has come and gone with one player, Ron Hammersley pocketing $1000. More details on the tournament can be found in the press release after the jump.


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Bowlapalooza Generates 64-Page Leaderboard as 4,400+ Qualifiers Compete for $10,000 in Prize Money

Hammersley Wins First Leg of Silver Strike Grand Slam Series

(June 9, 2009 – Arlington Heights, IL) Bowlapalooza, Incredible Technologies’ summer-long series of Silver Strike Bowling tournaments, got off to a roaring start as Ron Hammersley of Beech Grove, Indiana shot twelve 300 games and smoked the field by nearly 10 pins with an amazing average of 295 in the May “Opener” tournament. Hammersley pocketed $1,000 for his efforts.

To qualify, a player needed to play 25 games in 25 days. Players were encouraged to play as many games as they could since a bad game would not hurt their best 25-game average. Remarkably Hammersley played a total of 739 games.

This is a perfect example of why this format is so popular with players and operators,” said Scott Morrison, Bowlapalooza tournament director. “Overall the 4,482 qualifiers played a total of 269,359 games or an average of 60 games apiece. The top 200 players who cashed in the tournament played an astounding total of 41,506 games. As a bonus for operators, we deposited their winnings directly into their player accounts where history shows us that 90% of those funds will be used to play more Silver Strike Bowling.”

The tournament was free for both players and operators as Incredible Technologies positioned the event as a way to generate interest in the game during the traditionally slow summer months. IT put up all the prize money and no extras fees were charged.

We know players love to compete and this tournament underscores that sentiment,” Morrison said. “Our operators and their locations are the beneficiaries and we couldn’t be happier.”

2nd place went to Rob Wright of Omaha, Nebraska. Wright won $500. “Deadeye” Del Flecker of Indianapolis finished 3rd and won $300.

Bowlapalooza will continue throughout the summer culminating with the “Encore” tournament in August. To participate, operators simply need to make sure their 2009 SSB’s are registered properly.

To view the leaderboard for the May “Opener” tournament and for more info on Bowlapalooza visit the official website at


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