Silver Strike Bowling Sweepstakes video

Shaggy February 16, 2008 0

I really have to hand it to Incredible Technologies – since not every arcade or bar can be relied on to hold arcade game competitions, they’ve taken it upon themselves to run some great sweepstakes that drums up interest in both arcade games as well as IT’s own offerings. Now it’s true that they are not the only ones  doing this – Raw Thrills’/Play Mechanix/Betson has done some pretty high profile competitions for Big Buck Hunter that we’ve reported about in the past, it seems that the difference between the two companies is in the frequency of the competitions. Either way I don’t believe it matters who is doing it as long as any company takes the initiative to market their game in this manner, which highlights the strengths of the arcade social scene. Here is a video from  user SilverStrikeBowling that highlights a recent Silver Strike bowling sweepstake where the winner got tickets to the Super Bowl. That’s probably the best thing I’ve seen out of these competitions – they give away good prizes and not throw away crap. I should also point out our recent news of Silver Strike Bowling 2009 where IT promises even more cash prizes along some more big stuff.

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