Followups – Some H2Overdrive news and media coverage on the Funspot tourney

Shaggy June 2, 2009 0

A couple of brief updates on a couple of stories that we have covered in the past little while.

First off, that Funspot World Championship event that I mentioned a few days ago has received some media coverage and with that you can find some video that accompanies the story that I cannot embed here. Via NECN. Thanks to The Stinger Report for that link

Second, H2Overdrive should begin shipping to arcades this month and with this big release, check back this week for an interview I have done with Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive. Hopefully that should whet your appetites for this upcoming release and for a teaser you can check my video preview of H2Overdrive that I did at ASI where I have added a couple of annotations that reveal a couple of new details on additions to the game that have been put in there since ASI.

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