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172 lbs. of marijuana found in a crane game

Shaggy July 31, 2009 0

Drug runners will use pretty much anything to hide the transport of their “products” – that’s no secret. It is slightly surprising to read this story of a Las Vegas man who was transporting

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Bang Back: The Pinball Movie

Shaggy July 30, 2009 3

It’s been a little while since we had any pinball news – I have been waiting to see what Stern’s Big Buck Hunter Pinball is supposed to be like (which I hear is their

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The 5 best arcades still in business (in the Chicago area)

Shaggy July 29, 2009 2

Whoever the contributors are to, they seem to be taking an interest in rating arcades in their local areas lately and here is the latest “Top Whatever” list of the best arcades in

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Arcade biz in Texas closing it's doors Friday

Shaggy July 29, 2009 1

With all of the news lately of entertainment facilities opening their doors, I had hoped that we wouldn’t hear about any closures but sadly that is not the case. An arcade in Abiline TX

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New FEC opens in the Tampa Bay area – Xtreme Adventures

Shaggy July 28, 2009 1

The new FEC location announcements just keep pouring in and this one comes from Tampa Bay area in Florida. What used to be a gym has now become a 6,000 sq. ft. entertainment facility

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Plenty of new games to be seen at Sega's "Private" Show in Japan

Shaggy July 28, 2009 0

Sega recently held a ‘private’ show in Japan where they showed off some of their latest offerings for the amusement market and thanks to the internet, that show is not so private after all.

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Namco's Tank! Tank! Tank! confirmed for US release

Shaggy July 28, 2009 5

While there weren’t many new products revealed at the Distributor Gala in Chicago that took place this past Friday, there were some new confirmations about certain games coming to the US that we only

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Hong Kong based developer Belrare brings SSX Blur and a Super Monkey Ball clone to arcades

Shaggy July 25, 2009 1

While reading the latest Stinger Report newsletter, I came across the news that Taiwan-based developer InJoy Motion Corp. had recently announced two new arcade titles, a mounted gun shooter called Top Gunner and a

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Flynn's Arcade recreated at Comic-Con with a real Space Paranoids cabinet!

Shaggy July 25, 2009 3

As part of the hype machine that Disney is creating for the new TRON: Legacy film, they reconstructed Flynn’s Arcade, with tons of retro coin-op machines and to my own personal excitement, a working

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Article: A New Life For Arcades?

Shaggy July 24, 2009 0

Kevin Williams has penned an extensive and detailed article regarding one of our favorite subjects – the current state of the arcade industry. Weighing in over five pages, he discusses every aspect of what

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Games too Violent for NY Chuck.E.Cheese?

Twisted Supreme July 23, 2009 6

A New York state Chuck.E.Cheese is in danger of losing it’s license for it’s games room after town officials raised concern over the type of games that can be played by youngsters. Council Member

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Another big FEC opens in Indiana – America's Incredible Pizza Co.

Shaggy July 23, 2009 1

I’m not sure what it is about Indiana lately, but it seems to be attracting a lot of entertainment facilities as of late. The newest facilitiy – America’s Incredible Pizza Co. opens today with

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