Stride gum gets some star power to help promote "Save the Arcades"

Shaggy August 21, 2009 2
They probably should have given MvC2 a proper cleaning prior to the shoot

They probably should have given MvC2 a proper cleaning prior to the shoot

As a part of Stride Gum’s campaign to “Save the Arcades” they are bringing some celebrities on board to help out with the cause and recently they held an event at the Video West Arcade in Glendale, CA with none other than Zachary Quinto of Heroes (Sylar) and the recently released Star Trek(young Spock) fame. Zach played some games and posed with fans for the event and he was even sporting a cool “Save the Arcades” T-Shirt. I think that this is a great way to help push the promotion and no matter how you view Stride’s promotion, either as a boon or a gimmick, it’s great to see them pulling out some star power to help promote the cause we are all behind.

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  1. arcads4ever August 25, 2009 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    there is one other thing which will help out arcade owners. you’ve heard that if you bring your old tv into any sony outlet you’ll get something knocked off on the new TV you buy and also in europe where if you turn in your old car for the scrap yard then there’ll knock something off your next car.

    one of the main reasons when it come to buying new machines is the price and if its sucessful or not. if arcade companies brought out a new game and you brought one off them I think someone should setup a scheme where you bring in your old worn and broken down arcade machines and in exchange knock off the price of a new game you want to buy, that way the owner has a new game to please the players and the old machines are being taken apart and recycled and that way its better for the environment instead of being stuck in a run dwn arcade or even worse geting dumped somewhere to rot.

    they could even let new machines to the owner for a week or 2 while using the old machine as a deposit and if the earnings are good then the people who own the machine could keep the money and that would also pay then for letting the machine to the arcade owner and if they are low then the owner can get back the old machine if they want to and/or let them take the old machine away for recyling or try another machine with the arcade owner giving them the money made on the machine. something like this will certainly keep arcade thriving, more popular and more importantly up to date.

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