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Prepping for 2010 with a look back at Combatica

Shaggy October 31, 2009 0

A short time ago we reported about a new company that is joining the amusement industry called Titan 4 Games. Their plan is to bring gesture-based motion gaming to the coin-op industry next year

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Lunar Lander goes mechnical

Shaggy October 31, 2009 3

Back in 1979, Atari jumped into the vector monitor market with an arcade title called Lunar Lander. As the name implies, you pilot a lunar landing module and have to balance your speed and

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Exergaming with Dogfight V2

Shaggy October 31, 2009 1

Exergaming has become a lucrative commodity for gyms and Nintendo in recent times but it can also be a nice addition to an arcade location. One company that is in the business of developing

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Chuck E. Cheese posts profit jump in Q3 – How is your arcade doing?

Shaggy October 31, 2009 0

For the past little while, the only stories we have posted regarding Chuck E. Cheese have been negative stories, dealing with the wave of adults who get into fights with each other at their

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Sega Racing Classic testing at Gameworks Chicago (updated w/ new flyer)

Shaggy October 30, 2009 15

(Thanks to reader Alan S. for the tip) Attention any readers who so happen to reside anywhere near the Gameworks in Chicago – Sega is testing Sega Racing Classic there until next week. Apparently

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Incredible Technologies announces Silver Strike LIVE for Q1 2010

Shaggy October 30, 2009 1

With Incredible Technologies rolling out the latest iteration of their Golden Tee series this month, I was wondering if we were going to hear anything about the other series they have been promoting heavily

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New theme park in 2010: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Shaggy October 29, 2009 1

When it comes to gigantic theme parks, the United Arab Emirates is working hard solidify it’s image as the theme park capital of the world. Another theme park that will soon be joining the

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The 2009 Big Buck World Championships wrap-up (updated)

Shaggy October 29, 2009 0

I received a couple of e-mails recently asking about details on how the 2009 Big Buck World Championships went down a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t heard anything about it until today.

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Namco releases new promo video for Tank!Tank!Tank!

Shaggy October 29, 2009 6

Namco has released a new video showcasing the different play modes for their latest coin-op title, Tank! Tank! Tank! The game is already available in Japan and it will be released in the US

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Metallica – the pinball machine

Shaggy October 28, 2009 1

We’re always excited to hear news about new games coming out in the pinball world, even if they are extremely limited editions (i.e. only 1) of the game. In the case of this particular

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Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone app (with an arcade finder) UPDATED

Shaggy October 27, 2009 6

While there have been many new games on the Apple iPhone which are conversions of an arcade game in some form or another, we have not seen many modern arcade ports to the platform.

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Updates from the world of Bemani-gaming

Shaggy October 27, 2009 0

Aaron Auzins has sent me a few links from regarding some different developments in the coin-op bemani gaming sector and here is a rundown of all of them in one post – I

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