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Arcade Heroes Podcast #10 – IAAPA!

Shaggy November 28, 2009 1

I’m not sure whether to count this as an “official” podcast or not as it’s technically unfinished but it is what it is and it’s the first time Kevin Williams and I had a

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Konami release Mocap Sports in Japan

Shaggy November 28, 2009 0

(thanks to Aaron Auzins for the tip) Konami’s return to the Mocap arena is finally here, with the release of Mocap Sports in Japan. We’ve discussed this particular game a number of times already

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Classic Cocktail gaming Arcade Tables

Shaggy November 28, 2009 2

As a fan of classic arcade gaming one of those ideas from “back-in-the-day” that I like is the cocktail cabinet. While the idea has not been completely lose for arcades in modern times (as

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STRIDE begins Save The Arcades 2

Shaggy November 27, 2009 4

STRIDE gum is at it again and their Save The Arcades campaign has just entered it’s second phase. This time they are giving players out there a chance to nominate the arcade of their

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Could Ridge Racer see a return to arcades?

Shaggy November 27, 2009 7

Last time I heard anything about Ridge Racer, people were still poking fun at that Sony exec for saying “Ridddggee Raaacccuuurrr” at Sony’s e3 press conference a few years back. I wasn’t terribly interested

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IAAPA Pics by Kevin Williams

Shaggy November 27, 2009 3

Now for our second-to-last post about IAAPA 2009 – the last one will be the attempt at a podcast that we did at the show although we were unable to finish it up for

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Last batch of IAAPA 2009 vids – Panic Museum, Silver Strike Live, Make Your Own Dog Tags, Animatronics

Shaggy November 24, 2009 0

I’ve finally uploaded all of the IAAPA videos that I took and while I probably should have got a few more, I hope that everyone has enjoyed what I did put online. I know

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Konami now testing DDR X2 in Japan, "Jukebeat" in the US

Shaggy November 24, 2009 3

(Thanks to Eddie and Aaron of Bemanistlye for the info!) I’ve been focusing so much on IAAPA news lately that I didn’t have much time to squeeze anything else in but there are some

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IAAPA 2009 videos – Dead Storm Pirates, UNIS booth (w. Cooking Mama & H2Overdrive motion), Big Buck Hunter Open Season, Textminator

Shaggy November 23, 2009 8

I have finally resolved the problem with Youtube not accepting the videos for Dead storm Pirates and the UNIS booth – convert them to AVI files. Unfortunately they become blocky and lose detail so

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IAAPA 2009 videos – Tecway Developments, InJoy, Kung Fu Ball

Shaggy November 22, 2009 4

Here’s a few more videos from my trip to IAAPA. I have been trying to upload the Universal Space booth video but Youtube has not been co-operative with that particular video today so I’ll

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What do you want to see on the Game of the Decade poll?

Shaggy November 22, 2009 16

If you have been reading AH for more than a year then you know that at the end of each year we like to run a poll, asking you what you think deserves to

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More IAAPA 2009 videos – Tetris Giant, Hummer, Twisted (+ NASCAR 2 news) & more

Shaggy November 22, 2009 9

Here’s some more content from the IAAPA 2009 show. Tetris Giant – We first heard about this interesting new Tetris game a few months ago and while it seemed like the perfect game for

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