Brief update on indie arcade titles Dark Presence and Friction

Shaggy January 10, 2010 2

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It has been a little while since we’ve posted updates on a couple of upcoming arcade titles that are in development by a couple of independent game studios, but that does not mean that nothing is going on with these games. In fact, both games are quite close to completion and we will be featuring a closer look at both of these games very soon.

First are some new level screenshots for the arcade fighter Dark Presence by Galloping Ghost Productions. I actually had seen these a little while ago but I forgot to ask about using them for the site but since they are on Galloping Ghost’s webpage now they should be fine to use. I am quite honored by the addition of my own arcade to this level, that should be pretty cool to see in action. These shots are the level players will be on, these from the street level are for the character Trenton. All shots can be found here.

Also they have a list of arcades that will be hosting the game for a brief time on their nationwide tour. If you would like them to stop by your own arcade during the tour, the contact information is on the page I’m linking to. Check out the arcades currently on the tour here. If you have missed out on Dark Presence, I’d suggest you check out our 8th podcast where Aaron Auzins and I discuss the game in detail.

Next up is the light-gun shooter Friction. We have previously covered this game here and here, and in case you missed out on this one, give it a look. Friction is a title that has been designed with the small operator in mind so it won’t set us back much to purcahse. The screenshot you see here is from a recent build of the game that I used in a large 16-page feature article covering arcades in 2010 for Hardcore Gamer Magazine (which is probably the largest such feature to make it into a mainstream gaming magazine in years) that you can read for free here. The article features some extra info on Friction not discussed on the site previously. We are going to have much more to show you on this game soon, so stay tuned.

[Galloping Ghost Productions] [Friction Game Studios] [Discuss on the forums]


  1. nestlekwik January 11, 2010 at 1:07 am - Reply

    Ah, so you finally got to see your arcade in the game. Doc told me about it when I visited the studio last year. I figured it would be a good surprise for you.

  2. editor January 11, 2010 at 2:32 am - Reply

    great to see the arcade in the game – and congrats on the excellent article.

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