Initial sales numbers for Terminator Salvation arcade

Shaggy May 3, 2010 3

Guitar Hero Arcade sold 2000 units in 90 days. Big Buck Hunter Open Season sold 3000 units in 90 days. Silver Strike Live sold over 3000 before it was released due to pre-orders.

(Before anyone accuses us of favoring one company over another in reporting numbers like this, we can only report what companies release and most arcade companies keep the sales numbers to themselves. Otherwise I’d be happy to share those kinds of figures)

So how has the well-hyped Terminator Salvation Arcade fared in sales numbers? The reports of it earning strongly on location test seems to have given the game a solid start in sales as Betson is reporting that the game has sold over 1000 units in less than 30 days. The game is also on backorder in Japan and Europe and “other parts of the world”. To compare it to some of the games listed above it holds significance as a) it is not sold in a kit form like BBH: Open Season or Silver Strike and b) it’s the most expensive game to buy out of the titles listed in this post at around $8000 or higher.

Of course it’s also significant as in the US where we constantly see banter about how dead the arcade scene is in the US (which flared up a bit again when news came out about Gameworks liquidating) how is it that we have a non-redemption game selling like this. The number 1000 doesn’t look like much when compared to how people read about console games selling in the millions but there is that issue of price differences again.

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Terminator Salvation™ Another Hit from Playmechanix!

Carlstadt, NJ – May 3, 2010 – Betson Enterprises is proud to announce that in less than 30 days after production has started over 1,000 units of Terminator Salvation™ have been shipped. Orders continue to come in and with such strong collection numbers Terminator Salvation™ is headed straight to the top of the charts as the number one new shooting game. FEC’s, Bowling Centers and Movie Theaters report exceptional earnings.

“I can’t recall a time where a game of this magnitude was released and had such a quick impact on the market,” stated Bob Boals, Vice President of Betson Enterprises. “We are seeing the same overwhelming demand worldwide on this new product. With large backorders from Japan, Europe and other parts of the world we expect the production line to keep very busy for a long time to come.”

Betson Enterprises’ would like to thank its valuable customers for the support in reaching this milestone.

About Play Mechanix

Founded in 1995 by George Petro, a former game designer at Midway Games, Play Mechanix, Inc. has become the leading designer of coin-operated video games. In just under 15 years, Play Mechanix has created over 40 titles for the Arcade, Bar and Casino industries including the best-selling video hunting series Big Buck Hunter, Deal or No Deal Arcade and I Dream of Jeanie for IGT. Play Mechanix recently released Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, the long awaited update for Big Buck Hunter Pro. Play Mechanix, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raw Thrills, Inc.

About Betson Enterprises

Headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Betson Enterprises with 11 distribution offices nation-wide is the leading distributor of coin operated amusement and vending equipment, coin operated parts, and service in the United States. With over 75 years of experience and leadership in the coin-operated industry, we will help you make informed decisions that are best for your business.

Betson offers entertainment and vending solutions for your business through our relationships with the operator community. For locations looking for a simple and profitable solution or vendors looking for equipment that fits any situation, Betson Enterprises can help you. Betson Enterprises has an industry proven reputation for quality and customer focus. For more information on Betson Enterprises, visit, email us at or just call 1-800-524-2343. Download our current Betson product catalog at


  1. ECM May 3, 2010 at 5:35 pm - Reply

    Great news! Hopefully FunSpot picked one of these up so when I get my lazy butt over there, I can revel in its (reputed) glory.

  2. dan May 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    not a patch on stacker tho.
    numbers bandied about of 10000 plus are not unheard of

    sports arena did 18000 plus if i remember.

    good effort with terminator in current climate ,income is good with machines i have seen in the uk

  3. Arcania May 13, 2010 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Awesome machine…

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