Arcade Heroes Podcast #14 : Arcade shows, game news and more with Kevin Williams

Shaggy May 15, 2010 0

We haven’t forgot about the podcast although I admit to slacking on it lately. It didn’t help that we had to start over on this one due to the program I was using to record it being shutdown by someone else towards the end of our attempt and the recording being lost. But we tried it again and here we have Podcast #14. At this point, Kevin and I will do a podcast about once a month, unless there is so much news out that it warrants two.

This time we discuss:

-DEAL and GTI 2010 shows along with the 3D gaming trend that is starting to poke it’s head out there

-Gameworks update as it appears that the Reuters article got it wrong and Gameworks is doing a lousy job at message control (I.e. – several Gameworks locations to remain open)

-Other arcade openings around the world and company earnings discussion

-Talk about upcoming fighters, developments in music gaming, other new game releases

-And a little more

You can download the podcast here (163MB; MP3 file)

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