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Pinball junkies in the UK have a big event to look forward to, the UK Pinball Party. It begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday although they already have held a warming up event with a competition between Martyn Raison (the top ranked junior UK player) and the two times Pinball World Champion Gary Flower. This competition was for the UK pinball Party’s Charity Challenge and it also saw new Stern-made pinball machines provided for the event. Details on that and tomorrow’s party  can be found in the press release below.

August 13th to the 15th, 2010 at the Daventry Hotel, Northamptonshire, UK


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Thrill’s of the Silver Ball at London’s ACE Cafe

– Next Stop UK Pinball Party

August 11, 2010 – London, United Kingdom – The thrills and spills of pinball competition were revived as the classic and latest pinball tables were put through their paces in a battle to the death between age and youth in the atmospheric setting of the famous Ace Café London. The historic motorcycle hangout, a perfect setting for the chance to see pinball wizardry.

The ‘2010 ‘UK Pinball Party Charity Challenge’, supported by Stern Pinball’s UK distributor, Electrocoin, saw top-ranked UK junior player Martyn Raison (14) taking on two times Pinball World Champion (1984-1985) Gary Flower. (NOTE – Gary, kindly standing in for US industry legend Dennis Nordman, who became a victim of Chicago weather as his flight was delayed.)

The two competitors were given ten minutes practice on the four machines that had been selected for this competition. These included the two classics pinball tables ‘Indianapolis 500’ (1995) – from Bally and ‘Dirty Harry’ (1995) – from Williams, and to show the latest of the pinball craft two brand new pintables (supplied by UK distributors Electrocoin Sales), ‘IRON MAN’ (2010) and ‘Big Buck Hunter Pro’ (2009) – from STERN Pinball.

Watched by the gathered audience, Martyn won the toss and selected to go first on the first pinball table ‘Indianapolis 500’, and the level of competition was revealed with intense play demonstrated by the players. Even with generations separating the players, the skill of the current junior champion showed, and at the end Martyn was the clear winner – finishing in style with a score of 11,593,830 on the last machine (IRON MAN).

UK Pinball Party organiser Andrew Heighway awarded the winner with a commemorative plaque for this hard fought competition. A competition that marks the prelude to the ‘UK Pinball Party’ which will take place on August 13th to the 15th, 2010 at the Daventry Hotel, Northamptonshire.

This show represents the UK’s largest gathering of pinball tables and special events over a long weekend. The event will see over 100 of the latest and greatest pinball tables on display and will include a number of competitive tournaments including the ‘UK Pinball Open’ with prizes, trophies and World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points available to competitors.

This inaugural warm up Charity Pinball Challenge event, with proceeds going to the Great Ormond Street hospital, marks the move to create a definitive event to mark the passion and exhilaration that is pinball for a growing audience of a diverse age group (and sexes). The enjoyment of the silver ball still manages to thrill both young and old, and is now finally receiving the recognition that this pastime deserves.

Full Statistics of the Games Scores Played (

1. ‘
Indianapolis 500’                    2. ‘Dirty Harry’

Gary –            25,200,710                                158,185,610
Martyn –         44,913,610                                334,366,060

3. ‘Big Buck Hunter Pro’             4. ‘IRON MAN’

Gary –            3,361,870                                  5,685,830
Martyn –         5,087,910                                  11,593,830

Enclosed images taken during the event:

1 – Ace Café London – the historic motorcycle hangout (001)

2 – Awarding winners a commemorative plaque (002)

3 – Thrill’s of the Silver Ball (003)

Additional images can be found here:

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Please also contact us directly for information and attendance details for the ‘UK Pinball Party’


Main Sponsor:

*Heighway Pinball – Leading pinball dealer and repair/restoration specialists

Event Sponsors:
*Pinball News – The leading international online pinball news service, and organiser of the show’s tournaments – including the UK Pinball Open

*Pinball Mania – one of the UK‘s leading suppliers of spare parts and the UK‘s leading pinball repair service. Pinball Mania will be responsible for keeping the show’s 100+ pinball machines operating over the course of the weekend

*Electrocoin – The official UK importer for Stern pinball machines

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