Taito's Music Gun Gun 2 ; Darius Burst hands-on article + Taito's JAMMA line-up

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Let’s start the week with some Taito news, first with a new game that the company is working on that is a sequel to one of their notable mash-up titles. Music Gun Gun combined two genres that always bring in the players to arcades – light-gun games and music games. With Music Gun Gun 2, we should expect a format similar to the first game with new songs (there will be around 100 songs total) including the Super Mario Bros. Medley plus new songs from Darius Burst Another Chronicle. Taito also has brought in some professional voice actors to do the character voice overs. The game will be testing at the Akihabara Hara Hey on September 4th & 5th. Source details: Game Watch / Music Gun Gun 2 website

Speaking of Darius Burst: Another Chronicle, AkihabaraNews.com has a hands-on preview of the game, along with a set of clear pictures. The reviewers state that they had a great time playing the game and that Taito is developing it as a way to draw more players into arcade centers. That should be the point of every arcade game but DBAC stands a good chance of playing upon nostalgia as well as impressing new players so they get a feel for a unique arcade experience.

UPDATE: Taito has released information on their line-up for the JAMMA show. Both Music Gun Gun 2 and Darius Burst Another Chronicle will be there but they also will be presenting a sequel to one of the strangest arcade games to come out in recent memory with their Dining Table Flipping game Part 2. Here’s the Taito JAMMA page.

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