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arcadehero September 19, 2010 2

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The Tokyo Game Show may not be the first event one thinks of when it comes to arcade announcements but there has been plenty of arcade attention at the show, including the demonstration of a new twist on the rhythm game genre called Astro Ranger. It still involves hitting buttons of certain directions at just the right time but now they have taken a fighting game and thrown that into the mix. To get a better idea of how it works I suggesting checking out the video below that was on Destructoid – this was developed by a South Korean developer by the name of (I think) BM Entertainment. I can’t find a website for them but I hope that they will find a way to distribute the game internationally as this actually looks like a lot of fun and it’s made better by taking two genres made just for arcades and smashing them together. Give it a two player versus (or co-op) mode and it could be a smash hit.

Small Room Aries also has some brief information on the game


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