Two Let’s Go Island cabinets coming to IAAPA

arcadehero November 1, 2010 1

Sega Amusements hasn’t kept Let’s Go Island as a big secret lately although  they have kept one of the cabinet designs under wraps until now. We knew that they had at least two versions of the cabinet planned – a motion base version and a non-motion base version but we didn’t know that a third version was also in the works that would eschew the seat entirely. What you see above is the third configuration for the game, which will command a lower price while keeping the basic mechanics of the game intact. This image was taken from a Sega advertisement in the most recent issue of Replay Magazine (November 2010), promoting the game for it’s appearance at IAAPA in a couple of weeks. That will include the deluxe sitdown non-motion version of the game; for now it appears that they will not be bringing the motion version of the game to the US. They also are advertising that GRID will be at the show but there are no other surprises to discuss about their line-up…yet. We can still expect some surprises from Sega at IAAPA (since they said that there would be about a dozen new video products there) so stay tuned.

Speaking of Sega, there was some news that hit the wire today that Sega Sammy has managed to bring their operating losses down significantly from a $482 million loss during the last half of last year to only $16.6 million during the same period this year. Thanks to The Stinger Report for passing along that information as our 950th newsfeed.

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