IAAPA 2010: Touch FX, Pirate King, Friction, Sea Wolf

arcadehero November 19, 2010 4

Almost done. We still will have more pictures to share – in fact I got another link from Fillmore Games of some extra pictures they took from the show – and Kevin and I will be finishing up a podcast on Monday. So last but not least, let’s take a look a few more cool ideas we saw at the show and a look at some Chinese companies who we have talked about on the site previously but never had a chance to see their games in action until now.

Touch FX – Adrenaline Amusements, who came onto the scene last March with the release of their Kaboom! video redemption device had a cool new game at the show called Touch FX. The hardware features a 47″ multi-touch LCD screen, accepting up to six inputs at a time. It also can run multiple games which the operators will be able to purchase and switch around as they choose. At the show only one game was on display, Fruit Ninja which was great at showing the potential this new platform has. It can do ticket redemption or video-play only, depending on the operator’s preference and up to three screens can be put onto the cabinet. Look for this one sometime early next year

Speaking of new technologies, I came across an awesome display that combined LCD projection with laser projection there that I believe they were called a VFD system. They were showing some detailed 3D shapes with the LCD projection and then outlining them on-the-fly with different colored lasers. It had the same flicker as a vector game and made me think of that but the technology is too large and expensive to start producing new kinds of vector games unfortunately. Still it was cool and I probably should have grabbed some video of it.

Pirate King – Barron Games had a great new air hockey concept on display called Pirate King, a square shaped table for up to four players. Playing against three others is a lot of fun and we will also be seeing this early next year, after the game gets a few minor enhancements.

I should also mention that there were a few other new ideas for air hockey at the show, including a table where it was curved and tables with images being projected onto them from the bottom but I didn’t have a chance to film them. Fortunately our sponsors at BMI Gaming were there to capture a lot of video as well so I will check with them to see if they got that.

Also new shooter Friction was at the show, in a Time Crisis 2 cabinet but the video I grabbed of it turned out to be corrupted. It had a new software build with some improvements over the Amusement Expo version, and it was still fun enough to play the whole way through again.

There also was a golf game at the show at the Brady booth, Cashbox Golf I believe. We got video of this on our live webcast but unfortunately I was unable to get back around for another look afterwards. So this and Friction are a couple I’ll check with Dave at BMI to see if he got them.

Sea Wolf:The Next Mission – I know this isn’t new but it’s my own fault for missing out on filming it in the past, its the update to the remake of Sea Wolf at Coastal Amusements. These can be setup for video-only play so they are not just redemption games.


  1. editor November 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    did Brady have a booth adam?
    were they not on anothers booth?
    proof please.


    • arcadehero November 21, 2010 at 5:20 pm - Reply

      Yes I did not know about it until our webcast and someone let us know. I didn’t have a chance to go back and film it with my camera, perhaps Dave did?

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