Andamiro teases next version of Pump It Up Fiesta at G-Star 2010

arcadehero November 22, 2010 0

IAAPA wasn’t the only convention going on in the world recently where arcades had a place to show off. Another convention took place in South Korea this past weekend that wrapped up yesterday called G-Star 2010 and there some amusement games that made some waves there as well. First off, Andamiro has shown a teaser trailer for the next version of the PIU Fiesta software called 2011 Pump It Up Fiesta  EX. No cabinet or footage from the game itself was shown, but it’s safe to assume that this next upgrade will be able to go into Andamiro’s impressive TX cabinet. here’s the video, which I came across on

For a little extra GStar news, Japanese game site Game Watch was there and has grabbed some pictures of the different games seen at the event, which included a few Konami titles such as Jubeat Knit, The BishiBashi and DrumMania V7; Sega’s Giant Tetris was there as was MaruBot Football League (which was not at IAAPA this year as it was last time) and one company has developed a light-gun where the image is projected onto a curved screen from the gun itself, where they were showing it off playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Hit the link above for the pictures and details.

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