Taito’s Fall Product show (UPDATED)

arcadehero November 25, 2010 3

Taito just held an event to show off some of their new products that they are bringing to the market in Japan and there are a few items worth mentioning here. Unfortunately the pictures are quite small, so we’ll have to take what we can get.

UPDATE: Japanese site Game Watch has posted some excellent pictures from the event, including direct screenshots from Haunted Museum II. Also, the AM-Net blog has flyers for the new Vewlix Diamond cabinet and HM2. [Link]

First off was the highly anticipated Darius Burst Another Chronicle. Here, the online-enabled Chronicle mode was fully playable and while the writer describes how that works, the online translator garbles some of the meaning so you take what you can get. It sounds like you have selectable missions, it’s more difficult than the original mode and there is something about online billing of 5 yen involved with the online features.

NESiCAxLIVE was there, with a Taito Type-Zero machine running as the server and Type X2 machines running as clients. Taito is still in the process of finding companies to support the platform but with 14 already on-board they are off to a good start.

A new title was shown there that is some sort of “3D cosplay mahjong” game. The style reminds me of Konami’s Love Plus Arcade, although the Taito title will focus on traditional mahjong instead of a bunch of mini-games.

Also one game I mentioned yesterday was there, Haunted Museum II. Here is the only picture of it but the writer of the article does say that it’s a funnier game than the previous title. Any humor the first one had must have escaped me.Judging by this picture, one scene takes place in an amusement park and the cabinet they are using is the same as the redesigned “Super Deluxe Theater” version that hit the international market a short time ago, but with the drape in front. I’m not sure why they changed the name for the international release as Haunted Museum makes more sense than Panic Museum as far as the game content goes.

The details and more pics can be found at this Ratuken Blog. [Via AM-Net]


  1. aracdes4ever January 13, 2012 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    after having fun playing panic museum in blackpool and then in centreparcs I found it to be a really fun game to play despite being nothing new. I weren’t too bothered about the game to be honest when I found it on location test 2 years ago at trocadero as there were so many other cool games there at the time. Do you know if Panic museum 2 is gonna come over to the west arcadehero?

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