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(Thanks to Joe J. for the tip)

This was the second time I’ve attended IAAPA and both times I have noticed something – each time I have walked away with a nagging feeling that I probably missed something. It wasn’t for a lack of trying – I don’t know how many times I wandered around in circles trying to make sure I caught everything but the size of the show alone usually means that you are bound to miss something. So I sheepishly admit that I did but fortunately I was not the only person around with a camera so we can take a look at a few things I missed for whatever reason. Or perhaps you would be interested in checking out some of the redemption content there that I really don’t get into. These pictures were placed online by David Liu, who has done an excellent job at documenting various shows around the world, particular events such as GTI in Taiwan and China earlier this year. Some of the content you’ll find includes Friction, Beatbox, Incredible Technologies, Cruden, GlobalVR, Sega’s redemption games, The Price is Right game and more. Hit the break for the good stuff

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We already knew that the new, independently made light-gun shooter Friction would be at IAAPA and I even grabbed a video of it but thanks to some heavy audio corruption(on my end), the video was useless. This is what it looked like though, kitted out in an old Time Crisis 2 cabinet to show just how versatile the kit is.

I had seen a flyer for Beat Points Beatbox music recording unit early on but I never got around to checking it out.

Incredible Technologies was there – off the beaten path a little but they were there. I planned on getting a video of GT2011 but it ended up being one I missed.

A short time before I left for IAAPA, Cruden sent along a press release about a new version of their high-end racing simulator that would be at the show called the Hexathrill. This is the Hexathrill, unfortunately it was not in operation although it’s bigger brother was.

I overlooked the G-Look (website here) booth which was sitting right next to Tecway. They had a video redemption game there that is apparently wanting to compete with ICE’s Robin Hood.

Normally I have a video of the GlobalVR booth but this is the first time I’ve seen them at a show without anything really new to offer. They had a couple of Twisted mini-motion cabinets, a couple of NASCAR Team Racing cabinets and strangely, a new cabinet for Aliens: Extermination. The game is four years old now (almost five) so it’s a little strange to be busting it out again in a new cabinet with no new software build instead of having resources spent on making some new light-gun shooter. At least there was something at their booth which caused a stir, a Big Bass Wheel wannabe redemption game. That would be new but I’m on the hunt for new video content.

We had mentioned that Sega had quite a bit of new redemption content to go on and most of it had a redemption focus. I know whether us purists like it or not that video redemption has nowhere to go but up and it seems like just about every company is developing something along those lines these days. Let’s try the term “videmption games” for now. I’m sure that the argument would be that it’s because people will only play something in American arcades if it has a ticket dispenser, which isn’t completely true but that aside one thing all these new redemption games have going for them is they are offering something different – they are at least pursuing new ways of playing a game whereas the video-only realm is still (usually) playing it safe. David has more pictures of the video side of the Sega booth (see our coverage on that here) starting here.

Anyways, here’s an unusual game Sega had that involves an outlet plug controller(everyone I saw play this got confused as to how it was supposed to work out); next to that a fishing game; and a sequel to another videmption game Pigs Might Fly called Cows Might Fly. I already have covered the new Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz which was there and I do admit that it was quite fun.

Speed Rider was there at a non-IGS booth – on the last day of the show these guys put a big “For Sale” sign on this game

Foosball, meet the LED light

I covered this briefly in the video about Frogger but here’s a still shot of the new Price is Right videmption game.

I walked by this booth a couple of times but I didn’t play either Dynamic Bowling or Railway Adventure.

Here’s another game I wanted to try out – a curved air hockey table. The playfield images is a nice idea too, there was another company which had something just like it, without the curves.

Here’s a coin-op game I missed. It fits a bill sort of similar to what Robo Restle is doing by giving you something real to control; no ticket dispenser either, surprisingly.

One thing that’s popular at certain amusement locations are the use of 3D/4D cinemas. They make a ton of money, especially if they are interactive(which is usually what 4D rides are). Now companies in that market are starting to 1up each other with 5D – I heard one company was talking of a “7D” machine, where every extra gimmick adds a new dimension. Brace yourselves for the 100D machine within the next 10 years.

That’s it for now, Monday I will be getting more pictures from Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and we will redo our IAAPA podcast, which sadly failed at the show itself. It was nice practice though.

You can see all of the IAAPA pics David Liu took by clicking here, there’s much more that I didn’t share with you there.


  1. Dave November 26, 2010 at 8:42 am - Reply

    Adam – I think we all missed some important “stuff” at the IAAPA show – This year, given our tight scehdule due to numerous supplier meetings during the week, and with only 1 1/2 days left to shoot new and existing games, we missed a few booths along with way – but after categorizing and counting our shoot, we still have about 125 product videos in the can and ready to edit into product clips in the coming weeks…

    By the way, EXCELLENT coverage on IAAPA show! ArcadeHeroes.com is surely the “gold standard” in our opinion when it gets to reporting on what’s happening now in the global arcade game industry..

    David Young
    BMIGaming.com / BMI Worldwide, Inc.

    • arcadehero November 26, 2010 at 9:03 am - Reply

      Thank you David! I’ve been eagerly awaiting your videos as well as they will be great tools in spreading the word out there.

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