Sega jumping into the Chinese amusement market in 2011

arcadehero November 30, 2010 1

Newsfeed 961 via The Stinger Report

As 2010 has unfolded before our very eyes, there is one trend in the worldwide amusement industry that we have seen gaining traction and that would be the development of new products in China. For a refresher course, you can click here as we’ve gone over original developments taking place in the country to some of the shameless clones and bootlegs which also have gained some ground there. As the economy of China grows, that can mean business opportunities and as such, certain companies are looking to gain a foot hold there.

One of those companies is Sega. We’ve heard talk of their interest in China before and now they have come out with a press release getting into their intentions to break into the market there. They already have a development studio in place there as we saw at IAAPA a couple of weeks ago with the quirky light-gun game entitled Sega Golden Gun.  But starting next year they will begin “full-scale development of production and sales of amusement machines in the country”, bringing some of their video redemption titles that were shown at IAAPA to the market in China, along with Golden Gun and Let’s Go Island.

You can read the translated press release about the upcoming endeavor here.

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  1. 60Hz November 30, 2010 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    Just some trivia but I’m pretty sure Uchida-san heads up sega china, he’s known for golden axe, dynamite cop 1 and 2 to name a few.

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