New footage of Andamiro’s Pump It Up Fiesta EX 2011

arcadehero January 24, 2011 1

They teased it last November and now Andamiro has released a full trailer for their latest dance title, Pump It Up Fiesta EX 2011. While the game doesn’t have a release date quite yet, it has been tested out in both South Korea and Mexico already and it should also show up tomorrow in the UK at the EAG show that starts in London. If you are unfamiliar with the PIU series, consider it an alternative to Dance Dance Revolution in arcades. The pads are different (DDR uses the cardinal directions, PIU uses diagonals) and there are also differences in song selection and features, many of which you can see in the video below. PIU titles tend to stay arcade exclusive as well, which is always a nice touch for operators.

While it’s predecessor, PIU Fiesta 2010 was released as a kit, I haven’t seen information on whether this will be as well although I would say that it’s quite likely to be found in kit form, as well as packaged with Andamiro’s new TX cabinet, once EX2011 is released.

You can visit the PIU Fiesta EX 2011 website here.


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